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Cocaine in the Ukraine An Ode to Hunter Biden

  - 1:30

Published on Oct 16, 2020 Lyrics Son of Joe Biden And Boy its tough I put the crack in the pipe and smoke it up Like *slurp* Every day I’m tweaking, laptop leaking pictures of me on a cocaine bender Quid Pro Joe got me workin In da Ukraine gas company direction’ The only thing I know about gas, you can huff it Now I got 50k in a month in my pocket Board of directors, Burisma I’m smashin my dead brother’s widow, impregnate a strippa but nothin is better than crack cocaine when you're rich in famous in the Ukraine Cocaine in the Ukraine (Cocaine in Ukraine) Cocaine in the Ukraine (Cocaine straight to the brain) Support my work!






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The Scotch-Irish Viking

- 3 weeks ago  

Love it! Hilllarious! So refreshing to be able to speak our minds, and tap on the truth!!


- a month ago  

That was DOPE (pun intended) man! Didn't expect that one. More truth there than parody when you really think about it. That guy is just asshole incarnate. It's mind boggling that (on top of everything else) that he's not only banging his dead brothers wife, but her 12yr old daughter as well and taking photos of it. Does he stop there... nooo way! He goes for legendary status by leaving it (his confuser) at the Apple store! Truly epic level stupid. Can't best his old man though, the top honors have go to without question must be given to Joe though for the pic of him kissing his son's widow and on the neck, and sniffing her hair AT THE FUNERAL!!! But wait there's more... the master's magnum opus of stealing a presidential election . A feat more awe inspiring than introducing than introducing the wife to a crowd of people as his little sister at a rally he fell asleep at. All this before his first day on the job. Joe, you glorious bastard. Maybe I should have voted for you. -R


- a month ago  



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- a month ago  

The Biden black hole is suckin' in all the criminals:)


- a month ago  

Amazing work.

HAHAHAHAHAHAH this is amazing